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Immediate Access to All Formats

We will provide links for all the following formats so you will be free to automate your update process as needed. New lists are generated every 15 minutes. For best protection we recommend that you update at least every hour. Files are compressed in GZIP format so decompression will need to be part of your update process.

No more stale or outdated lists!

We guarantee your downloads will be no more than 15 minutes old.

Subscriptions include all available formats updated every 15 minutes.
All formats are available in 3-day, 7-day, and 14-day versions.
Addresses are listed if we have observed activity within any of those time periods.

Subscription fee is billed monthly or annually and you can cancel at any time.

Available Formats*

Note: The Microsoft Windows IIS version and SMTP version both can be used with a supplied free utility to run from a scheduled event to download and decompress the appropriate list for inclusion in your web.config or SMTP server blacklist file.
* Need a special format? Let us know. We are usually able to add additional formats to suit our customers needs.


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